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Elevate Your Space With Our Design Services

Elevate Your Space With Design Excellence by LINEN + ORCHID

Experience the fusion of artistry and functionality through LINEN + ORCHID, our design studio at RJ Collective. Our dedication to creating spaces that epitomize your distinct style and practicality forms the cornerstone of our design philosophy.

Our Tailored Design Services

Discover how LINEN + ORCHID has unlocked the potential of various spaces through our portfolio of personalized designs. Each project showcases our commitment to enhancing spaces that resonate with homeowners' aspirations for the present and the future.

Living Room view by RJ Collective


From concept to execution, entrust LINEN + ORCHID with the entire design journey. Our comprehensive services encompass every detail, from selecting furnishings and color schemes to sourcing materials and managing installations, ensuring a cohesive and exquisite end result.

Space Planning Image RJ Collective


Optimize the layout and functionality of your space with our meticulous space planning solutions. LINEN + ORCHID's expertise lies in crafting layouts that maximize usability, flow, and aesthetics, enhancing the potential of every corner of your home.


Explore your vision with LINEN + ORCHID's expert designers through comprehensive consultations. We'll delve into your style preferences, functional needs, and aspirations, laying the foundation for a personalized design roadmap.

Consultation by Janet Campbelll



Janet Campbell is the Principal Designer at LINEN + ORCHID.  She began her design career while living in Southern California earning her interior design certification from the world-renowned Interior Design Institute (IDI) in Newport Beach, CA. Designing has always been a passion for Janet.

In addition to interior design Janet is a licensed real estate broker for over 20+ years.  As a real estate professional, she uses her designing skills which has led to her success in selling more than $150 million in real estate.

Dreaming of a career change to interior design, upon moving to Raleigh,  Janet opened LINEN + ORCHID design studio in 2021, specializing in residential designs.

What truly inspires her design is her time living in Southern California and growing up in Long Island New York.  As an interior designer, she brings a transitional mid-century style with a classic look, blending today’s trends and materials. 

Janet Campbell with LINEN + ORCHID Logo
Janet Campbell interior designer

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Ready To Embark On A Design Journey

Ready to transform your space or seek expert design guidance? Contact LINEN + ORCHID today to explore our design services and embark on an exciting journey to elevate your home with innovative design.



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