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Primary suite image by LINEN + ORCHID
Image from LINEN + ORCHID


What you can expect from the world of design
By Janet Campbell | Assoc. Broker & Interior Designer

The interior design world is always changing with constant creativity, and new designs that offers a new perspective to what our ideal home should look and feel like.  As a designer I’m always in the know on what the current trends will be, and this year’s 2023 design trend report comes from leading influencers and designers who have all weighed in on the matter. 

Let’s just say it’s going to be an exciting year for interior design, full of appreciating color, function, and old-world natural materials from the past.

Living room image by LINEN + ORCHID
Image via LINEN + ORCHID


We first began to see this trend in the last couple years however designers are taking a more monochromatic approach. Besides using rich bold paint colors for the walls, they are matching the trim and taking it all the way up to the ceiling for a dramatic and stylish effect. This look is particularly stunning in rooms with exaggerated architectural details, beautifully designed millwork on walls and/or crown molding with a fresh perspective.


Scalloped edges aren’t new on the design scene however, designers are now taking it to another level by adding those curvy edges to hard surface materials like wood, metal, and even marble.

This is one of my favorite trends which I can’t wait to incorporate in my designs, and I have a good feeling that this year a scalloped marble fireplace will be revealed in the foreseeable future for one of my coming soon projects.


I’m happy to report that dark and moody interiors are here to stay.  It’s one of my favorite things to do which I have already incorporated on both my Summerview & Wagon Trail projects. 

Creating a moody vibe doesn’t necessarily mean painting your room in dark paint colors, this sophisticated and cozy look can also be achieved with the use of saturated colors in a variety of ways like accent pieces, millwork, surfaces, pillows, rugs, and lighting.  I usually like to incorporate this on my kitchen designs with the use of darker warm colors for the cabinetry.


Maximalism is the art of more-is-more, layered patterning, highly saturated colors, ample accessories, and art.  Rather than playing it safe designers love to incorporate this design with the use of botanical-inspired wall coverings, mixing and layering patterns on window coverings and furniture. 

It’s an exaggerated look that if it’s done right creates a fun and eye-catching design to a space. 

That 70’s Vibe

The ’70s have officially made a comeback in a serious way. This is due in large part to interior designers’ use of wood paneling on walls, cabinetry, and furniture.  We’re going to continue to see a flurry of fluted details in 2023.  One of my favorite trends is adding a fluted stairwell wall or kitchen island.  It’s one design trend I’ll be incorporating in my home this coming year.

Fireplace image by LINEN + ORCHID
Image via LINEN + ORCHID


This is one trend I’m most excited about since I love incorporating natural stone to all my designs.  Now more than ever, marble has become designers favorite stone of choice. In 2023, you can expect to see slabs with lots of dark, dramatic veining, going everywhere from the backsplash to the bathtub.  You will also see more marble sinks as part of the kitchen and bath designs.

Marble is one of the most versatile and timeless stones and with its diverse tones, textures, and grains it brings a unique, contemporary aesthetic appeal.

Janet Campbell with RJ Collective

About The Author

Janet began her career in real estate more than 20 years. Having sold over $150M in real estate and facilitating hundreds of successful transactions, she has added interior design services to her already exceptional services by opening LINEN + ORCHID design studio with her real estate broker husband Rob, bringing their unique full service real estate centric brand to life with their Sell.Buy.Design.™ focus.

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