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The Oaks At Fallon Park Home | Image by: Walter Magazine
Raleigh Continues To Be Ranked No. 3 As The Best Places To Live
By Janet Campbell | Assoc. Broker & Interior Designer

If you're on the hunt for your next home sweet home, let me tell you, Raleigh, North Carolina, is the place to be! As a local real estate agent who made the leap and relocated to Raleigh a few years back, it was one of the best decisions my husband and I ever made.


Raleigh, lovingly known as the "City of Oaks," has this infectious energy that just draws you in. From the moment we arrived, I was captivated by its vibrant culture, friendly locals, and those charming oak-lined streets that make every stroll feel like a scene out of a storybook.


Now, let's talk neighborhoods. Raleigh is like a treasure trove of unique communities, each with its own personality and vibe. It's like exploring a patchwork quilt of possibilities, each one waiting to be discovered.

But here's the thing: finding the right neighborhood is key to unlocking your dream home. That's where we come in! As your local real estate experts who fell head over heels for Raleigh, We’ve made it our mission to help you navigate this city and find the perfect place to hang your hat.


So, grab a cup of coffee (because Raleigh's coffee scene is also top-notch), and let's embark on this journey together. I'll be your guide as we explore some of the most charming neighborhoods within The Belt Line of Raleigh and what they have to offer, helping you uncover the hidden gems and find the one that feels like home sweet home. Let's dive in!

 From the moment we arrived, I was captivated by its vibrant culture, friendly locals, and those charming oak-lined streets...


Downtown Raleigh pulsates with the heartbeat of the city's cultural, business, and entertainment realms. Over the past few years, this vibrant area has undergone a remarkable revitalization, drawing in a wave of young professionals and urban enthusiasts seeking its irresistible allure. Here, amidst the lively streets, you'll find a dynamic urban lifestyle waiting to embrace you.


Imagine trendy condos, historic homes and luxury apartments nestled just moments away from an array of vibrant restaurants, captivating museums, and lush parks. Downtown living isn't just about convenience; it's about immersing yourself in a world brimming with excitement and endless possibilities. For those who yearn for the urban experience, Downtown Raleigh stands as the ultimate choice, beckoning with its irresistible charm and boundless energy.

Downtown Raleigh Communities We Love:

  1. Glenwood South: Trendy Condos and Nightlife

  2. Warehouse District: Loft Living and Art Galleries

  3. Fayetteville Street: Urban Living and Cultural Attractions



North Hills epitomizes the ideal blend of contemporary conveniences and serene suburban charm. Located just minutes from downtown Raleigh this upscale neighborhood seamlessly combines modern amenities with picturesque tree-lined streets, creating a haven for residents seeking the best of both worlds.


Luxury custom home in North Hills
North Hills Home by Exeter Building Company

Here, you'll discover a diverse range of housing options, from high rise luxurious apartments to upscale estate-style homes, catering to every lifestyle and preference. This upscale neighborhood also features a blend of residential, retail, and office space, creating a vibrant live-work-play environment. But it's not just the housing that makes North Hills so desirable; it's the vibrant pulse of the community and the unmistakable sense of belonging that permeates the air.


At the heart of North Hills lies the renowned North Hills Mall, where upscale shopping and dining experiences await at every turn. Whether you're in search of the latest fashion trends or craving a gourmet meal, the mall offers a perfect blend of convenience, style, and community spirit, making North Hills an irresistible destination for those seeking a life of luxury and tranquility.


Women clothing store
North Hills Shopping Boutique | Image courtesy of Visit North Hills

North Hills Communities We Love:

  1. Midtown Park: Upscale Apartments and Shopping

  2. St. Albans: Gated Communities and Executive Homes

  3. Park at North Hills: Modern Condos and Dining



Five Points, encompassing the delightful neighborhoods of Hayes Barton, Bloomsbury, Vanguard Park, Georgetown, and Roanoke Park, exudes a charming and eclectic vibe that captures the essence of community living. Known for its enchanting cottages, bustling locally owned shops, cozy cafes, eclectic boutiques and a strong sense of camaraderie, this neighborhood is a true gem for those seeking a walkable enclave brimming with character.


Strolling through Five Points, you'll be enchanted by its unique architecture and the vibrant tapestry of small businesses that dot its streets. Each corner holds a story, each storefront a piece of the neighborhood's rich history. Families are also drawn to Five Points for its excellent schools and family-friendly atmosphere. It's more than just a place to live; it's a community where neighbors become friends and every day feels like a celebration of local spirit.


For those yearning for a distinct and close-knit community feel, Five Points beckons with open arms, offering a warm and welcoming embrace to all who call it home.


Five Points Communities We Love:

  1. Hayes Barton: Classic Homes and Tree-Lined Streets

  2. Bloomsbury: Historic Preservation and Neighborhood Events

  3. Vanguard Park: Walkable Living and Local Shops



The Village District, formerly Cameron Village, serves as a captivating fusion of bygone charm and modern allure, seamlessly blending the past with the present to craft a truly enchanting atmosphere that captures the hearts of residents and visitors alike. Nestled amidst picturesque tree-lined streets, this area boasts a wealth of historic homes, lovingly preserved, and thoughtfully renovated to retain their timeless elegance.


Yet, it's not just the historic allure that draws people in; it's the vibrant pulse of life that thrives within the Village District. As the epicenter of shopping, dining, and entertainment, it stands as a beacon for those who relish being at the heart of a thriving and charismatic community. Whether you're exploring its quaint boutiques, indulging in delectable cuisine, or simply soaking in the lively ambiance, the Village District promises an experience that is as captivating as it is unforgettable.


Village District Communities We Love:

  1. Cameron Village: Shopping and Dining Hub

  2. Oberlin Village: Historic Homes and Cultural Heritage

  3. Hayes Barton Historic District: Architectural Diversity and Quaint Charm


Raleigh suburban neighborhood
Mordecai Neighborhood

Mordecai stands as a cherished historic district, seamlessly intertwining the timeless allure of yesteryears with the comforts of contemporary living. Named after the historic Mordecai House, this area features a mix of Victorian, Craftsman, and bungalow-style homes, many of which have been lovingly restored creating a captivating tapestry of architectural diversity.

Nestled amidst this charming neighborhood are the verdant expanses of Mordecai Park and the enriching narratives of the Mordecai Historic Park, offering both sanctuary and insight into Raleigh's storied past. For those who cherish the melding of old-world charm with modern conveniences, Mordecai beckons as an idyllic haven waiting to embrace you in its timeless embrace.


Mordecai Communities We Love:

  1. Pilot Mill: Loft Apartments and River Views

  2. Oakwood: Victorian Homes and Historic Landmarks

  3. Mordecai Place: Family-Friendly Neighborhood and Parks



Budleigh, nestled within the coveted confines of Inside The Beltline, stands as a prestigious enclave where luxury living reigns supreme. Here, amidst sprawling estates and verdant landscapes, an aura of sophistication permeates the air, creating a haven of serenity and elegance.


For those yearning for privacy and refinement, Budleigh proves to be an irresistible retreat. Its exclusive ambiance, coupled with top-notch amenities and opulent residences, presents an unparalleled opportunity for those seeking the epitome of high-end living. If you aspire to immerse yourself in a world of unparalleled luxury, Budleigh is poised to capture your heart and elevate your lifestyle to new heights.


Budleigh Communities We Love:

  1. Broughton: Luxury Estates and Exclusive Living

  2. Lakestone: Private Community and Serene Setting

  3. Barton Creek Bluffs: Custom Homes and Natural Beauty



Located off Glenwood Avenue in Raleigh, Country Club Hills is a distinguished neighborhood nestled beside the prestigious Carolina Country Club. Characterized by its large lots, tree-lined streets, and quintessential southern charm, this enclave offers a unique blend of architectural styles, from cozy 1950s bungalows to stately mansions.


What sets Country Club Hills apart is its individuality; no two homes are alike in this non-"cookie-cutter" neighborhood. Many of the older residences have undergone extensive renovations, preserving their historic charm while embracing modern comforts.


Whether you're drawn to the charm of a vintage bungalow or the grandeur of a majestic mansion, Country Club Hills is where serenity and sophistication await, and every day feels like a celebration of southern living.




With its diverse neighborhoods catering to different lifestyles, preferences, and dreams, Raleigh offers an array of options waiting to be explored.


As seasoned real estate professionals who have fallen in love with Raleigh ourselves, we understand the importance of finding the right neighborhood to match your unique needs. Whether you're new to the area or a local seeking a change, we're here to guide you through the process.


Let's work together to uncover the neighborhood that aligns perfectly with your lifestyle and aspirations.


If you are considering relocating to Cary, North Carolina; Contact Us today and we’ll help you find your dream home in this beautiful town. Also check out our Relocation Guide!

RJ Collective Relocation Guide

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